Get Complete Analysis of Ford ramping up electric vehicles in Europe

BySheldon Wong

Apr 9, 2022

Europe – A Developed Continent

Europe is a continent located mainly in the Northern Hemisphere of the globe. Some part of the Europe continent also lies in the world’s Eastern hemisphere. The continent of Europe is also considered a part of Eurasia, and this fact is clear from the name of Eurasia itself as it is the combination of two words that are Europe + Russia. The total area of the continent of Europe is about 10.18 million km2 with a total population of 74.64 crores and this no. is according to the data of the year 2018. Europe is one of the most developed continents on the earth. Because of the greater use of technology by the people, the companies like Ford see the continent as a valuable place. Thus, the company Ford is ramping up electric vehicles in Europe.

Vehicles need Electricity, not Oil

Electric vehicles are generally known by their abbreviated form, which is EV. Electric cars, EVs, depend wholly or partially on Electricity and chargeable batteries to run instead of old-style vehicles of petrol and diesel. These electric vehicles are very cost-effective in terms of maintenance and keeping the cost as compared to oil, petrol, or diesel vehicles because these electric vehicles have a low cost of running and this is because the EVs have significantly less no. of moving parts and are thus required almost null maintenance. Because of all these reasons, the people of Europe look towards the company’s statement that Ford is ramping up electric vehicles in Europe. Even the government bureaucrats of all countries, including Europe, also show interest in these electric vehicles because these EVs are highly environmentally friendly and don’t use any kinds of fossil fuels.

Ford Electric Vehicles

The statement made by the company Ford indicates that by the year 2024, the company is planning to introduce three new types of electric passenger vehicles and four new types of commercial electric vehicles in the continent of Europe. The step from the company comes in the view that they aim to increase the presence of electric cars in the market. The company Ford sets its target of selling electric vehicles, EVs, more than 600,000 by the end of the year 2026 in the market of Europe. The company also makes another target of producing 1.2 million EVs in the next six years in the market of Germany and Cologne.

Four New Models of Commercial EVs

There are four new models of commercial electric vehicles that company Ford is decided to introduce, and these four models of commercial EVs are:

  • The one-tonne van, which is a transit customer vehicle
  • Tourneo Custom is a multi-purpose vehicle
  • Transit Courier van of next-generation and is smaller in size
  • Multi-Purpose electric vehicle – Tourneo Courier


Ford, one of the most popular car companies in the whole world, decided to ramp up its market of electric vehicles, EVs in the continent of Europe. The company targets to introduce three passenger new electric vehicles and four new commercial EVs in the market.

Sheldon Wong

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