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The World Of Educators Is Being Transformed Drastically For Good!

ByMike Paul

Sep 6, 2021

The World Of Educators Is Being Transformed Drastically For Good!

The global pandemic is responsible for bringing transformation in several professional sectors. One such field is that of education. It appears that even after things normalize, the traces and changes made during the pandemic will persist because these have taken firm roots in the system. The field of education saw an immense transition from physical classrooms to virtual ones.

However, in this transition, several teachers faced challenges due to a lack of technological skills. It implies that future teachers shall be well-equipped with different teaching aids, digital tools, etc. However, the teachers shall be trained so that whatever the situation be, they shall be able to teach whatsoever. That’s because it is felt that the benefits of remote learning for higher secondary schools are huge, and so with or without pandemic- it can be benefitted from.

Several changes are made in the curriculum. However, the schools prefer in-person instructions because it appears that the workload on the online mode is never-ending. One of the reasons for this is that the teachers were not readily prepared for online teaching.

For the same purpose, the teaching programs have incorporated quality virtual learning tools in their curriculum. Jennifer Krawec, director of the teacher preparation program at the University of Miami, believes that the teachers shall have all the required skills for online teaching. That’s because there is no harm in learning various skills even when the face-to-teaching is back in vogue. Teachers are the facilitators of education, so everything required for the process shall be known to them.

Integrating virtual learning tools

However, even in the online learning tools, there is an ocean of knowledge and skills that can be taught. For that very reason, Iowa’s Drake University has incorporated best practices in online instruction. The future educators shall face any challenges, and the mistake shall not be repeated; henceforth. Other universities have amplified the teaching of technology in their teaching course. The world is rapidly marching towards technological advancements. The teachers are the torchbearers, and so they have to walk hand in hand with the technology.

Not just operation digital tools, but the Columbia University’s Teachers college is preparing to provide practice to the future teachers in designing digital curriculum and the skill of engaging students on the online mode. Several other universities have also made up their mind on providing skills relating to digital tools due to their need of the hour.

One benefit of online teaching is flexible learning hours. Many teachers have prepared online learning resources for the students, which the universities plan to keep as a backup for students. The option of remote teaching and learning is sought to be convenient for the colleges and students.

Another benefit of online teaching is that the sessions can be recorded and reflected upon by the student-teachers later by themselves. It is a good opportunity for self-growth through self-evaluation and criticism. The advantage was made the most of by the students at Vanderbilt, Florida, and the Ball State.

It is seen that most of the colleges preparing the future teachers are determined; of keeping the technological changes left behind by the pandemic. It requires extra efforts but is harmless and so shall be continued to be provided.

Mike Paul

Mike was one of the founding members of DMR, he was a pivotal figure in the early stages of DMR. Mike has since left the team to pursue his career in software development.

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