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X Offer Incentives for Brands to Join Verified Organizations

ByHuey Yee Ong

Apr 21, 2024
X Offer Incentives for Brands to Join Verified Organizations

X Offer Incentives for Brands to Join Verified Organizations

This week, X (formerly Twitter) introduced a promotional campaign aimed at incentivizing brands to enroll in its Verified Organizations service by offering ad credits equivalent to the subscription cost.

Brands opting for the Basic Verified Organizations package, priced at $2,000 annually, will receive $2,000 in X ad credits, a benefit that renews each year. A similar structure applies to the Full Access package, which costs $10,000 per year and includes $10,000 in ad credits.

Subscribing to these packages provides brands with a gold checkmark on their profiles, enhancing their visibility and credibility within the app. The offer includes several perks:

  • Priority customer support
  • Access to job listings on the platform
  • All features of X Premium

Those who opt for the Full Access account also benefit from a reach boost and access to the Affiliations feature, which allows them to link their profile to other relevant users and profiles connected to their business.

The launch of this program occurs amidst ongoing concerns regarding the platform’s direction under its current leadership. Many brands have been distancing themselves from X, partly due to owner Elon Musk’s controversial public statements and his acknowledged habit of amplifying unverified information. Despite these issues, X’s offer may still appeal to businesses whose target audience remains active on the platform and are willing to overlook these broader concerns.

Strategy Behind the New Vertification Push

X’s strategy appears to aim at encouraging more widespread display of blue and gold verification checkmarks within the app.

The company seems to believe that increasing the visibility of these checkmarks will promote a bandwagon effect, compelling more users to seek verification in order not to appear less credible or akin to bot accounts. This push comes despite criticisms that the blue checkmark has lost its initial significance as a symbol of authority and credibility, particularly after the company began selling verification as a commodity.

The move to equate subscription costs with ad credits essentially shifts the focus from the checkmark itself to the additional features provided. Given the modest interest in X Premium, it is uncertain how effective this new incentive will be in boosting subscription rates among organizations.

However, for those already planning significant advertising expenditures on X, the offer essentially renders the verification and its accompanying benefits at no additional cost, potentially making it an attractive option for some brands.

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