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Nintendo is discontinuing the integration of Twitter/X with Switch.

ByYasmeeta Oon

May 12, 2024
Nintendo is discontinuing the integration of Twitter/X with Switch.

Nintendo is discontinuing the integration of Twitter/X with Switch.

In a seismic shift within the gaming and social media spheres, all three major video game console giants have announced the cessation of their integrations with Elon Musk’s once-popular social media platform, X, formerly known as Twitter. The move marks the end of an era where gamers could seamlessly share their experiences and content directly from their consoles to the platform.

On Wednesday, Nintendo, the last of the triumvirate, made public its decision to discontinue X integration through its gaming console, the Nintendo Switch. This decision effectively bars gamers from posting content directly to X from their consoles, alongside the removal of other X-related functionalities.

In a statement released by Nintendo of America via its official X account, it was revealed that as of June 10, 2024, users would no longer have the capability to post screenshots and videos to X from the Nintendo Switch’s Album, nor would they be able to send friend requests through the Friend Suggestions feature. This announcement solidifies X’s loss of direct integrations with all three major video game console companies, marking a significant turning point in its trajectory within the gaming community.

Major Video Game Consoles’ Integration Changes with X
ConsoleIntegration Changes
NintendoRemoval of X integration functionalities including posting media and sending friend requests
MicrosoftInitiated removal of X integration in April of previous year
SonyFollowed suit with similar announcement in November

Nintendo, in a more detailed exposition on its website, elucidated on the specific features that will be excised from the Switch. Gamers will no longer have access to the feature enabling the posting of screenshots and videos to X from the Album in the Nintendo Switch HOME Menu. Additionally, the functionality for sending friend requests to social media users through the Friend Suggestions menu will also be eliminated.

Furthermore, game-specific changes will occur. Previously available options, such as posting to X in games like Splatoon 2 and Splatoon 3 via the mailbox option in hub worlds, will no longer be viable.

However, Nintendo reassures users that they can still share screenshots and videos to X by saving the media to the Album in the Nintendo Switch HOME Menu and subsequently transferring the data wirelessly to a smart device or by connecting their Switch to a PC via USB cable.

While the precise rationale behind the cessation of X integrations by Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft remains undisclosed, speculation points towards Elon Musk’s revamped monetization strategy for the platform. Microsoft was the pioneer in dropping X integration, a move swiftly followed by Sony and now Nintendo.

Elon Musk’s implementation of a new, paid model for X’s API, which is imperative for these integrations, precipitated the exodus of gaming giants from the platform. The new API plans are notably expensive, with Enterprise access commencing at a staggering $42,000 per month. Given the immense user bases of Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft gaming consoles, the projected API usage would translate into astronomical monthly bills, thus rendering the integration economically unviable.

The termination of X integrations by major gaming companies not only signals a significant economic decision but also underscores the evolving dynamics of social media within the gaming ecosystem. While the decision is poised to save Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft substantial financial resources, it leaves X at a considerable disadvantage, bereft of major video game partners and the vast user base they once provided.

In conclusion, the cessation of X integrations by Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft heralds a new chapter in the intersection of gaming and social media, with profound implications for the future landscape of both industries. As gamers navigate this transition, the repercussions of this decision will undoubtedly reverberate across the gaming community and the broader digital sphere.

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