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Eclipse Labs Appoints New CEO Following Neel Somani’s Departure Amid Misconduct Allegations

ByDayne Lee

May 19, 2024

Eclipse Labs Appoints New CEO Following Neel Somani’s Departure Amid Misconduct Allegations

Neel Somani, the founder and former CEO of the Ethereum layer-2 blockchain Eclipse, has stepped down from his role due to sexual misconduct allegations. This development marks a significant leadership shift at Eclipse Labs, as the company announced on May 16 that Vijay Chetty, previously the Chief Growth Officer, will immediately assume the CEO position.

Allegations and Response

The allegations against Somani surfaced earlier in May when he announced on social media that he would be reducing his public role at the firm due to “serious allegations about sexual misconduct” directed at him, which he has vehemently denied. Somani stated, “I have never sexually assaulted or harassed any woman” and expressed his intent to clear his name and defend himself against these accusations.

In response, expressed its commitment to addressing these serious claims responsibly, emphasizing the importance of truth and transparency. The company has not disclosed specific details about the departure of Somani beyond acknowledging the change in leadership.

Vijay Chetty, stepping into the role of CEO, brings a wealth of experience from his previous leadership positions at notable firms such as Uniswap Labs, dYdX Trading, and Ripple Labs. His background also includes investing experience at BlackRock. Eclipse Labs highlighted his qualifications and experience as instrumental for his new role in steering the company forward.

Industry Reaction

The venture capital firm Hack VC, which led a $50 million Series A funding round for Eclipse in March, publicly expressed its concerns regarding the allegations against Somani. In a statement released on social media, Hack VC noted its role in urging Somani to resign and reiterated its stance against sexual harassment and misconduct, declaring such behavior unacceptable.

This leadership transition occurs at a critical juncture for Eclipse Labs, which is navigating the fallout from these allegations amidst efforts to expand and innovate within the blockchain sector. The appointment of Chetty is seen as a move to stabilize the company and maintain the confidence of investors and stakeholders.

Ensuring a Safe and Respectful Workplace

The allegations against Somani and the subsequent leadership changes underscore the importance of maintaining a safe and respectful work environment. Eclipse Labs, along with its investors and partners, is now focused on reinforcing its commitment to high ethical standards and ensuring that all employees and associates are treated with respect and dignity.

As Eclipse Labs moves forward under new leadership, the company faces the challenge of rebuilding trust and ensuring that its corporate culture reflects its stated values of integrity and transparency. The broader tech and crypto industries will be watching how Eclipse navigates these challenges and whether it can set a positive example for handling such sensitive issues.

The transition in leadership at Eclipse Labs represents a decisive step by the company to address serious allegations and preserve its reputation in the competitive blockchain industry. With Vijay Chetty at the helm, Eclipse Labs aims to foster innovation while upholding the highest standards of conduct and respect within its team.

Featured image credit: Amara Khatri via CryptoDaily

Dayne Lee

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