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Millennium Management Reports $2 Billion Investment in Bitcoin ETFs

ByDayne Lee

May 19, 2024
Millennium Management Reports $2 Billion Investment in Bitcoin ETFs

Millennium Management Reports $2 Billion Investment in Bitcoin ETFs

Millennium Management, a leading global hedge fund, has disclosed substantial holdings in spot Bitcoin ETFs totaling nearly $2 billion as of the first quarter of 2024. This revelation came through a 13F filing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which provided a snapshot of the fund’s significant engagement in cryptocurrency investments.

Investment Details

As of March 31, Millennium Management’s investment in Bitcoin ETFs amounted to $1.94 billion, distributed across several prominent funds. The fund’s investment strategy included stakes in the ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF, Bitwise Bitcoin ETF, Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, iShares Bitcoin Trust, and the Fidelity Wise Origin Bitcoin ETF.

Among these, BlackRock’s Bitcoin fund received the largest allocation from Millennium, with an investment exceeding $844 million. Fidelity’s fund closely followed, comprising over $806 million of the hedge fund’s total holdings. These investments highlight Millennium’s diversified approach to Bitcoin exposure through established financial products.

Market Impact and Analyst Insights

Eric Balchunas, a renowned Bloomberg ETF analyst, referred to Millennium as the “king” of Bitcoin ETF holders, noting that the hedge fund’s holdings were 200 times greater than the average exposure among the top 500 new ETF investors. This significant investment underscores Millennium’s bullish stance on Bitcoin and its potential for substantial returns.

Additionally, the recent filings indicated a broader institutional interest in Bitcoin ETFs, with investment advisory firms making up about 60% of new buyers, and hedge funds comprising approximately 25%. This diverse investor base reflects growing confidence in Bitcoin’s integration into mainstream financial portfolios.

Industry Perspectives

Matt Hougan, Bitwise’s Chief Investment Officer, expressed increased optimism about Bitcoin’s future following the recent 13F filings. In a memo to investors, Hougan highlighted the significant institutional interest revealed through the filings, viewing it as a positive indicator of Bitcoin’s acceptance and maturity as an investment asset.

Hougan anticipates that by the filing deadline on May 15, the number of professional firms invested in Bitcoin ETFs could exceed 700, with total assets under management approaching $5 billion. This projection underscores the escalating scale of professional engagement in Bitcoin ETFs.

Regulatory and Market Context

The transparency provided by 13F filings is crucial for understanding the dynamics of institutional investments in cryptocurrencies. It reveals not only the scale of investments but also the types of investors engaged in the market. For instance, The State of Wisconsin reported holding a combined $164 million in Grayscale and BlackRock funds, highlighting governmental entities’ growing involvement in cryptocurrency investments.

Millennium Management’s disclosure of its extensive holdings in Bitcoin ETFs marks a significant moment for the cryptocurrency market, illustrating the depth of institutional investment and the growing acceptance of Bitcoin as a legitimate asset class. As the market continues to evolve, the insights gained from such disclosures will be invaluable in shaping the strategies of investors and regulators alike.

Featured image credit: Deswita Zela via Pintu News

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