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The Ultimate Guide About Different Messaging Apps

ByMike Paul

Feb 10, 2021

The Ultimate Guide About Different Messaging Apps

In today’s fast-moving world, one can find different types of messaging apps. Whatsapp is a widely used messaging app in the world. Some of the top reasons for the decline in Whatsapp growth have been discussed in this article.

Top reasons for the decline in the growth rate of Whatsapp

WhatsApp is the compatible messaging app that mainly serves as the most reliable, economical alternative for SMS and MMS. For sending the SMS and MMS the respective carriers often charge per-message. Owned by Facebook the social messaging app WhatsApp is seeing its growth diminish following a fiasco that forced the company to clarify the privacy update the same had sent to its users. Many users are now changing their social messaging app from WhatsApp to Signal or Telegram after there are some changes in the privacy policy of Whatsapp. WhatsApp got 2 billion active users around the world. On the other hand, Telegram has got around 400 million users, and Signal has around 20 million monthly active users.

Key features of the Whatsapp, Signal, and Telegram

Some of the key features of the Whatsapp

  1. The user can be able to make the group video calls having 8 no of users at any time.
  2. This app has got the WhatsApp status feature which is also known as WhatsApp stories.
  3. Whatsapp mainly allows the user to share all sorts of files and documents which is up to 100MB.
  4. The user is able to share photos, videos as well as audio files up to 16 MB in size.
  5. The user can share the live location with their contacts.
  6. This app mainly restores the messages and data via the cloud services like Google Drive as well as iCloud.

Features of the Telegram to know about

  1. This app supports the features known as self-destructing messages, in which the message will get deleted automatically after some point in time.
  2. The size limit for sharing the files on this app is mainly about 1.5 GB.
  3. This app mainly supports voice as well as video calls on Android as well as iOS devices.
  4. The company has confirmed that it shares zero bytes of data with any third-parties or any government.

Features of the Signal app to know about

  1. This app also supports the feature of self-destructing messages
  2. The user can send the note to self without sharing their own thoughts and ideas. There is no need to create single-member groups.
  3. The signal does not allow the user identity to be shared.
  4. Signal mainly uses the back-end user-facing encryption service.

Level of safety of different apps to know about

Whatsapp messaging app mainly collects some of the important data like device ID, user ID, the advertisement data, the purchase history, phone number, email address, contacts, the different product information, crash data, payment info, and performance data.

Telegram app mainly collects some data like contact Info, contacts, and user ID. Whereas the Signal app only collects the phone numbers of the user.

In terms of user privacy, the Signal app mainly offers the most stable form of communication one can get on the internet. This app also supports encrypted group calls.

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