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Zola Employs AI to Revolutionize Wedding Planning

ByHuey Yee Ong

Apr 12, 2024
Zola Employs AI to Revolutionize Wedding Planning

Zola Employs AI to Revolutionize Wedding Planning

Zola, the online wedding planning platform, has unveiled a new AI-driven solution aimed at alleviating one of the most common pain points for couples planning their weddings: the equitable distribution of planning tasks.

Named “Split The Decisions,” this generative AI-powered chatbot is designed to assess each partner’s strengths and assign wedding planning tasks accordingly, making the process more collaborative and less stressful. This innovation comes in response to a growing sense of frustration among couples, particularly where one partner feels burdened with the majority of the “mental load” associated with planning their wedding.

Shan-Lyn Ma, Zola’s co-founder and co-CEO, has observed a noticeable increase in such frustrations over the past year. With the introduction of “Split The Decisions,” Ma is optimistic about the role of AI in transforming the wedding planning process into a more balanced and enjoyable journey for both partners.

This optimism is backed by Zola’s research, which included a survey of approximately 7,000 couples set to marry in 2024 and here are the findings:

  • Only 7% of women in heterosexual relationships felt their partners contributed equally to planning.
  • 7% of couples are already using AI for wedding planning, with 36% considering it.

How “Split The Decisions” Works:

Split The Decisions” operates on a custom version of ChatGPT, offered for free in OpenAI’s GPT Store. The chatbot guides couples through a detailed questionnaire about their wedding:

  1. Couples input wedding details (date, location, size).
  2. They share their concerns, priorities, and style vision.
  3. The chatbot assesses each partner’s strengths, such as detail orientation or logistical capabilities.
  4. It assigns tasks accordingly, with links to Zola’s planning tools.

In addition to “Split The Decisions,” Zola has launched an AI-powered thank-you note generator and is integrating AI across its operations to improve efficiency and customer service. This includes partnering with third-party services like to streamline customer experience efforts and developing internal AI technologies for fraud detection. According to Ma, AI tools are now a staple across all company teams, with a pipeline of 100 ideas for further innovation.

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