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Uber Launches Shuttle Service, New Caregiver Features, and More at Go-Get Event

ByHuey Yee Ong

May 17, 2024
Uber Launches Shuttle Service, New Caregiver Features, and More at Go-Get Event

Uber Launches Shuttle Service, New Caregiver Features, and More at Go-Get Event

Uber has unveiled a series of new features and services at its annual Go-Get showcase in New York City, aimed at enhancing user convenience and expanding its market presence in both mobility and delivery sectors.

These offerings include a new shuttle service for event transportation, additional features for caregivers, integration of Costco into Uber Eats, and several other initiatives designed to provide cost-effective and flexible solutions for its users.

Uber Shuttle: A Cost-Effective Solution for Event Goers

Uber introduced the Uber Shuttle service, a new option that promises more affordable travel for events like concerts, sports games, and even airport trips. This service allows users to reserve seats on shuttles that have capacities ranging from 14 to 55 seats, catering to both small and large groups. Users can book up to five seats as early as seven days in advance, receiving a QR code ticket for boarding.

The shuttle feature is designed to offer a significant cost reduction compared to UberX, and it will not be subject to surge pricing, making it an attractive option during high-demand events. Initially, Uber Shuttle will be available at specific venues in Miami, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Charlotte, with plans to expand to more locations.

Uber Caregiver: Enhancing Support for Daily Needs

The Uber Caregiver feature is tailored for users who rely on caregivers. This functionality allows caregivers to be added to the user’s Uber profile, enabling them to book rides and order essential items such as medical supplies and groceries on behalf of the person they care for. It also facilitates three-way communication between the driver, the rider, and the caregiver, ensuring coordinated and smooth service.

Importantly, Uber Caregiver integrates applicable insurance benefits, potentially reducing the costs for users who are Medicaid recipients, those over 65 with Medicare Advantage, or individuals with employer-provided commercial insurance. The service is set to expand as Uber includes more insurance providers.

Costco on Uber Eats: Expanding Grocery and Retail Delivery

In a notable partnership with Costco, Uber now offers an on-demand grocery and retail delivery option through Uber Eats. This service allows both Costco members and non-members to order products from Costco, with members receiving a discount of 15% to 20% compared to non-members.

Furthermore, Costco members can link their membership numbers in the Uber Eats app to enjoy additional benefits, including a 20% discount on Uber One memberships.

Scheduled Rides and Membership Discounts: Addressing Commuter and Student Needs

Uber is also launching scheduled rides with UberX Share, which allows users to book shared rides in advance, saving an average of 25% compared to solo UberX rides. This service targets commuters in cities with high office return rates such as New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Additionally, Uber has introduced a discounted Uber One membership for college students, priced at $4.99 per month, offering various perks and discounts on services like food delivery from popular chains.

Uber Eats Lists: Personalizing Dining Experiences

Uber Eats now features a new option called “Lists,” which enables users to create and share personalized lists of their favorite restaurants and food spots. This tool is designed to enhance the dining discovery process, providing tailored recommendations for various occasions and preferences.

The Lists feature aims to foster a community-driven approach to exploring culinary options, enhancing user engagement with the platform.

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