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Facebook Data On More Than 500M Accounts Found Online

ByMike Paul

Apr 13, 2021

Facebook Data On More Than 500M Accounts Found Online

Social media sites have been growing rapidly owing to heavy digitization and automation. People tend to provide their personal information to these sites as they never question the security system. People think that such large-scale social media sites are bound to have a top-notch security system.

However, with the recent information revealed by various agencies, it could be found out that information provided to social media sites such as Facebook is far from being secure. This is contrary to what the people believe, who tend to trust these sites and become the victim of the leakage of their personal information.

These recent reports have brought in view a serious security concern that People with Facebook accounts tend to face. While the company has taken several measures to deal with the same, privacy issues still exist and are a huge cause of worry.

Recently, it has been revealed that the personal details and information of about 500 million Facebook Account Users could easily be found online, available for getting unauthorized access of the hackers.

While this information is not exactly up-to-date, it informs the world that Facebook does collect a ton of information from its users. Furthermore, this information is not anywhere near being secure as it can be accessed by hackers easily online. Just a random hacker attack can put the information of over 500 million Facebook Account Users at stake. This makes the users’ personal information vulnerable to potential attacks and all of this can happen to anyone without them even knowing. One wouldn’t know that they have become a victim of the mass-scale data leak issue until something severe has already been accomplished by it.

This information regarding the fact that over 500 million users’ information is so readily available online, vulnerable to any hacker attacks, was reported by the American News Organization, Business Insider.

According to their news publication, this vulnerable information has been leaked not from one place or country but at least 106 countries worldwide. This means that everyone around the globe is equally at risk of their information getting leaked.

This leaked data contains the people’s sensitive information such as their contact number, birth date, location, email ID, Facebook ID, Full Name, and more.

This lack of data security isn’t something new to Facebook as it has been facing this issue for several years. Many times, this issue came into the limelight, and some measures were taken against it, but nothing has been done so far to put an end to the security problem.

Earlier in 2018, Facebook had to disable one of the features that let people search for their friends as long as they had their phone numbers. This came after a political firm called Cambridge Analytica ended up accessing the information of about 87 million FB account users without their consent or them even being aware of it.

Mike Paul

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